Temperatures are getting low and that means fall season is approaching!

Few things are as satisfying as an ice-cold glass of water on a hot day. But, it’s a lot more difficult to get the same satisfaction when the temperatures outside are freezing and the last thing on your mind is enjoying a cold beverage.

Drinking plain water can get a little boring; that is unless you try out a few ways to trick yourself into drinking more water.

Keep it Hot

In winter months, nothing beats sitting near the fireplace with a cup of hot tea. That sounds like a perfect evening, but you can hydrate yourself at the same time by switching out a cup of tea with a mug of hot water, complete with a teaspoon of honey or lemon squeeze to provide that delicious faux-tea flavor.

Make it Routine

Drinking water during summer is always at top of your mind due high temperatures. Make a routine and keep your winter hydration in check. You can still have your morning cup of coffee, but try adding a glass of water beforehand. At work during the day, keep some water next to you for visibility.

Go Tit for Tat

The emergence of seasonal holiday drinks is often a big culprit in causing you to forget drinking water in the winter. One way to combat this is by committing yourself to drinking a bottle of water for every other type of drink you have.

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