Water Cooler Taps

Female Taps – Ambient, Cold or Hot

Female Tap Black and Blue Cold
Female Tap Black and Red Hot
Female Tap White and Blue Cold
Female Tap White and White Ambient
Female Tap Black and Red Hot with Screw Fitting
Female Tap White and Red Hot

Male Taps

Male Tap White and White Ambient
Male Tap Black and White Ambiient
Male Tap White and Blue Cold With Collar
Male Tap White and Blue Cold

Push Back Taps (Female type)

Push Back Tap - Cold
Push Back Tap - Hot
Push Back Tap - Ambient


We aim to provide the best possible service to our customers at the best possible price. No customer is too big or too small for us: our users have anything from 1 to 1000 or more water coolers. We supply drinking water to trade customers (minimum 24 bottles) and pride ourselves on being not only the most experienced but also the best in the business.

Our offices are open Monday-Friday 8.30 am-5pm and we will be happy to respond to any queries you may have, sales enquiries, price quotations, technical queries or anything else during these hours.


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Staying Hydrated In Cold Weather

Coughing, easy watering, nose dripping, body sweating…sounds like a typical winter run!

Ramp Up Your Eating Before a Workout

Are you eating and drinking enough water before your workout?

Staying Hydrated During Fall Season

Temperatures are getting low and that means fall season is approaching!


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