Mains Water Coolers

The mains fed water cooler has become increasingly popular over the last decade because of its inherent advantages over the traditional bottle cooler. No bulky water deliveries, no storage of bottles, no need to change bottles when they run out and a never-ending supply of chilled and filtered water. The cost savings on bottle distribution usually mean that a plumbed in water cooler is cheaper than the traditional bottle cooler and more convenient.

Modern filtration techniques can eliminate particles and micro-organisms down to 0.5 microns or even less, which means that the end user has a truly pure drinking water. At Maestro Pressure Coolers our most popular POU cooler is the Crystal Mountain Aspen model which we can supply in black or white. It is a very cost effective solution for workplace drinking water requirements and we offer a very economical full service that includes installation, maintenance, sanitisation and routine filter changes.

Maestro Pressure Coolers is the longest established supplier of the plumbed in water coolers in the UK and with nearly 50 years of experience we can install them in almost all buildings, both traditional and modern.

All POU water coolers are supplied as standard with a 1/4 inch plastic pipe to connect to but without any connection fittings or filter. You can buy a filter for the POU coolers here or you can buy a full install kit here.

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