Water Cooler Recessed Surface-Mounted and Modular Fountains F2771_P

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Manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel, with a grained finish the F2771 is a wall mounted recessed drinking fountain with a stainless steel splash back panel.

Manufacturer: Maestro

Options Available
(1) Purchase unit only (no kit or installation)
(2) Installation kit only + £108 Inc VAT
(3) With Installation + £180 Inc VAT
Installation includes free delivery.


Model: F2771_P
Mounting: Wall

F2771 is mounted in Hi-Lo configuration
Stainless Steel Projector as standard
Requires connection to a mains water supply and waste
Strainer fitted to the inlet to stop debris blocking up the bubbler cartridge
Supplied with a 32mm running trap

Heavy-duty carafe filler HD1
PIR hands-free operation

WRAS Approved Product

Product Specification – Download

Call for details phone 0208 670 2000

If you require a space saving unit for locations like narrow corridors, model RDF90 is a very popular non-refrigerated drinking fountain. Like the others in this series, this model is made from quality stainless steel and has a deep drawn pressed basin.

Modular fountains comprise models 43P and 771 singly or in double hi-lo formation. Each fountain has a stainless steel splash back panel. The latter are very popular in locations where both adults and smaller children are likely to be the users like shopping centres and schools catering for a spread of ages.

Our two surface mounted fountains are usually coupled to one of our Hide-Away water coolers. S232 is large enough to accommodate both bubbler and glass/carafe filler. Our popular model DF40 is a small round fountain measures less than 250mm in diameter and can only have one faucet.

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