Push button Cold and Ambient Bottle Filler – Mistral Senorita Electron

£1,776.00 (inc. VAT)

Significantly reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection transmission with this Bottle Filler.

Stainless steel and grey metal

Please allow 4 weeks for delivery

We also supply Contactless bottle fillers for greater protection


Model: PBCAE – Push Button Cold and Ambient Bottle Filler
Price includes environmental surcharge.

Stainless steel and grey metal
Steel panels watercoolers in grey with anti-scratch covering
Stainless steel console and sink
Adjustable feet
Removable jet-breaker, allows to get an uniform distribution of water

Direct chilled system
Hermetic compressor
Ventilated condenser
R134 A gas without CFC or R290 natural gas

Separated refrigeration circuit and water circuit to guarantee full protection against any risk of leakage that could contaminate the water

No infrared sensors

Manufacturer – Mistral

Net weight: 32kg
Gross Weight: 37kg

Dimensions –
Height: 1350mm
Width: 320mm
Depth: 320mm

Additional information

Weight 38 kg
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