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Our delicious and pure Meadow Spring water delivered direct to your home, or collect from our Water Shop.

Meadow Spring Water is drawn from our own aquifer here in West Thamesmead, 184 feet deep under the Thanet Sand formation. It is laboratory tested for the highest purity and healthy mineral content.

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Meadow Spring Water

Our spring water is drawn from an aquifer 184 feet down under the Thanet Sand Formation in West Thamesmead. This layer naturally filters the water to provide a fresh and pure natural water free of any contamination. Our water is thoroughly tested and verified by external laboratories for mineral, organic and microbiological purity. It is rich in natural minerals such as calcium and magnesium which are beneficial to health but it naturally has low levels of nitrates and sodium which might be deleterious. The water is bottled at source and not given any kind of chemical treatment. It is extremely pure having been filtered by the natural rock and mineral formations over many years.

We are proud to say that our Spring Water which is bottled at source is second to none in the UK for purity and wellbeing.

Environmental Impact

Pressure Coolers are certified as ISO9001 for management quality and also ISO14001 for environmental management. We have installed a large photovoltaic system on our warehouse which produces most of the electricity we need to extract and bottle the water from our spring. This means that we can deliver you our Spring Water with the minimum possible negative environmental impact and with an extremely low carbon footprint. In the future we hope to be able to use electric vehicles for delivery once such vehicles become viable for heavy goods such as bottled water.

Our large polycarbonate bottles in 11 litre and 19 litre sizes are re-useable at least 50 times. This makes them far superior to a recyclable plastic which requires a lot of energy and logistics to be reformed after use and can usually not be made into new bottles which require virgin plastic for their manufacture.

All of our plant and systems are rigorously audited to check our manufacturing and process quality.

Meadow Spring Water Analysis

Silica SiO2: 20mg/l
Alkalinity HCO3: 260mg/l
Calcium: 87mg/l
Potassium: 3.0mg/l
Magnesium: 10mg/l
Chloride: 20mg/l
Nitrate: <3.3mg/l
pH: 7.78
Iron: 0.27mg/l
Sodium: 13mg/l
Sulphate SO4: 40mg/l
Total Dissolved Solids at 180c:  360mg/l

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