Iceberg Undersink Chiller CMI01

£216.00 (inc. VAT)

The Iceberg is our innovative new undersink water cooler, which supplies cooled, filtered water on demand from a counter-mounted tap adjacent to your sink or handbowl. The impressively quiet electric refrigeration unit installs discretely inside your base cupboard and can dispense a cool 11.5 litres an hour.

Iceberg features

Manufacturer: Crystal Mountain

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Model: Iceberg
Price includes environmental surcharge.


  • #304 stainless steel cold water reservoir
  • Copper evaporator
  • Adjustable cold water thermostat
  • Powder coated cold rolled steel casing
  • Sink mounted faucet not included
  • Pressure Reducing Valve and Shock Arrestor protect from water mains pressure surges


  • Power rating: Single phase, 220-240VAC 50Hz
  • Standard current: Cold: 0.8A
  • Power Consumption: Cold 75W


Compressor: Single phase motor
Refrigerant: R600a
Temp range: 4-10°C(39.2-50°F)
Capacity: 1.95L (0.5 gal)
Refrigerant charge: 16g (0.6 oz)

Product weight: 12.5kg (27.6 Ib)
Product boxed weight: 13.6kg (30.1 lb)
Product dimensions: 410(W) X 300(D) X 300(H)mm (16.5″(W) X 12″(D) X 12″(H))
Product boxed dimensions: 430(W) X 330(D) X 340(H)mm (16.9″(W) X 13.0″(D) X 13.5″(H))

Manufacturer – Crystal Mountain

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Weight 13.6 kg
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