Under Counter Boiler UCD47 Standard

£2,270.40 (inc. VAT)

Suitable for a small office to a football arena, these stylish chrome and stainless steel fonts are available with a choice of three powerful boilers.

Features and Benefits
· Electronically controlled for constant temperature up to 95°C
· Programmable measured water delivery
· Early warning diagnostics with LCD read-out
· Five water level sensors (excludes UCD7)
· Automatic re-circulating mode to prevent under temperature drinks
· Energy saving mode on 12 and 47 litre models

Manufacturer: Instanta

Options Available
(1) Unit only (no kit or installation)
(2) Installation kit only + £140 Excl VAT

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Model: Under Counter Boiler UCD47 Standard
Price includes environmental surcharge.

Technical Data*
Power loading (kW): 4.5
Heat-up time (mins): 63 (4.5kW)
Recovery Rate (litres): 0.7 (4.5kW)
Stand by Loss (kW/h): 0.12
Rapid Draw-Off (litres): 47
Rapid Draw-Off (cups*): 280
Hourly Output (litres): 42
Hourly Output (cups*): 252
* Based on 6 Cups Per Litre

Purchase Price £1892(excl. VAT)

Height (mm): 560
Width (mm):  465
Depth (mm):  500

Tap Font
Dia (mm): 185
H1 – see diagram (mm): 150
H2 – see diagram (mm): 225

Easy to install with font positioned in work surface with boiler sited below. Adequate space around unit to provide sufficient air flow and ventilation.

Designed for direct connection to a potable cold water supply using the 1.5 metre (3/4″ BSP) food quality hose supplied. An isolating valve should be installed between the supply and the machine. Right-hand side water connection and overflow.

Stainless steel case.
Stainless steel heating chamber.

Connect to a 230V supply with a suitable break capacity of 20 amps (if configured as 4.5kW unit), or 30 amps (if configured as 6.7kW unit).

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Weight 15 kg
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