Oasis MW12SBFY In-Wall Refrigerated Sports Bottle Filler

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Oasis® Aqua Pointe™ Bottle Filler units are the clean, pure on demand solution to fill the re-usable bottles that are now so poplular.

Enjoy the highest quality filtered water, refrigerated, or ambient, 24 hours a day without the hassle of storing and changing bottles, or the waste of throwing away millions of plastic bottles.

Never run out of clean, pure water.


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Model: MW12SBFY – In-Wall Refrigerated Sports Bottle Filler
Price includes environmental surcharge.

Weight (Net) Kgs: 25.0
Weight incl. packaging (Gross) Kgs: 27.0

Installed directly to your existing water lines, the Aqua Pointe™ Bottle Filler satisfies even the largest workplace setting. Ideal for today’s environmentally conscious society, the Aqua Pointe™ Bottle Filler fits perfectly in school and university locations, and in any public buildings.

Manufacturer – Oasis


Purchase Price £1555 (excl. VAT)

Call for details phone 0208 670 2000
Model MW12SBF delivers 12.0 gallons of chilled drinking water per hour. This model satisfies CABO/ANSI A117.1

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Weight 32.00 kg
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