Mains Water Cooler – Ambient and Cold – D7B – MPC


A reliable plumbed in mains watercooler. This plumbed in water cooler has both a cold tap and an ambient temperature tap.

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(1) Purchase unit only (no kit or installation)
(2) Installation kit only + £108 Inc VAT
(3) With Installation + £180 Inc VAT

Manufacturer: Clover Company

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Model: Mains Water Cooler D7B
Price includes environmental surcharge.
Mounting: Floor
Electrical: 220V-240V 50/60Hz
Weight (Net) Kgs: 18.0
Weight incl. packaging (Gross) Kgs: 20.0
Faucets: Durable polypropylene. Self closing type. Easy to operate
Drip Tray: One piece ABS drip tray is easily removed for cleaning
Cold Water Thermostat and Capacity: adjustable thermostat, water tank produces 3.4 litres per hour

Colour: White, plumbed in water cooler

Purchase Price £145 (excl. VAT)

Call for details phone 0208 670 2000

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Weight 15 kg