Drinking Fountain Wall Mounted W231

£262.80 (inc. VAT)

A wall mounted drinking fountain manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel.

Manufacturer: Maestro

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(1) Purchase unit only (no kit or installation)
(2) Installation kit only + £108 Inc VAT
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Installation includes free delivery.


Model: W231
Mounting: Wall
Electrical: 230V, AC50Hz
Cold Water:
Thermostat Setting: Factory set at 8° C +/- 2° Adjustable

Weight incl. packaging (Gross) Kgs: 3
Dimensions unpacked (H x W x D mm): 140x360x360

Requires connection to a mains water supply and waste
Strainer fitted to the inlet to stop debris blocking up the bubbler cartridge
Supplied with a 32mm running trap

Heavy-duty carafe HD1
Fitted with a push button regulator as shown
Glass filler GF1
Carafe filler CF1

WRAS Approved Product

Purchase Price £219 (excl. VAT)

Product Specification – Download

Call for details phone 0208 670 2000

Maestro Pressure Coolers most popular selling wall mountain drinking fountain is 43P together with derivatives 56V and 46P. With its semi-circular shape, it has a front push button activating a projector on the right front corner. 56V is the same unit but has been made vandal resistant by the added guards covering the projector and push button.

Where a fountain is required on the outside of a building and there is a chance of the water freezing in winter, specify 46P. This will allow year-round use by means of the Free-z-Free® assembly.

Newly added are models D450 and D441. While D450 is a standard fountain, it is manufactured in Fibrotrace®, a tough GRP type material. Model D441 has been designed so as to allow wheel-chair access and is DDA compliant. Both these fountains are particularly useful for installing in swimming pool and sauna areas where the chlorine and general environment can corrode stainless steel. These fountains are available in a selection of colours and also with simulated granite finish in five shades.
Unusual is model 771 that has a flying saucer design and is suitable for many prestigious locations. Recently, we added model D701 which replicates this fountain except that it is made in Fibrotrace®.

The following models are available with Free-z-Free®:
43P, 56V, W144, 771, D441, D450
All of the models featured are available with PIR.

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